Reusable Bamboo Wipes Pack/5


The Best Bamboo Reusable Baby Wipes these wipes are just amazing!! Made with 2 layers of Bamboo, the wipes are soft and gentle on your babies delicate skin. The natural fibres in the bamboo ensures these wipes will stay soft wash after wash.

A generous 20cm x 20cm, these wipes are the perfect size for use at home and while out and about - simply fold and pack in to your Wet/Dry Bag for use while out.

To use, simply wet wipe and clean your babies nappy area at change time. Rinse off any solids, place in a dry bucket with your Modern Cloth Nappies and follow your usual nappy washing routine.

Each package includes 5 Reusable Bamboo Wipes. 20-25 wipes are recommended for full-time cloth nappy use.

The perfect addition to your Modern Cloth Nappy collection - say goodbye to disposable baby products for ever!

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