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The Last Nappies You Will Ever Buy! The one-size design of Modern Cloth Nappies are fully adjustable to fit newborn to toddler or approx 3-15kg. When washed and cared for as recommended, your nappies will fit and last from newborn until toilet training yay!

Specifically designed for nighttime use. Your Nighttime Nappies are made with a layer of bamboo charcoal as the inner layer of the outer shell and come with a 5 layered bamboo charcoal insert.The outer shell of our Nighttme MCNs are made from soft and smooth waterproof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) as the outer layer, and a soft bamboo charcoal inner layer with an inside pocket for the removable insert

Bamboo Charcoal is designed to draw the wetness away from your babies skin, keeping them dry for the night

The insert is the absorbency part of the nappy and will soak up any liquid, leaving the inner bamboo-fleece layer nice and dry against bubs skin. To use, simply place the insert inside of the pocket, put the nappy on bub and use the snaps to fasten to the correct size.

Please note the nappy should be firm around the waist and legs but not too tight; the nappy should not leave marks on bub's skin. The nappy covers can be used for up to 2-3 nappy changes (as long as bub has not poo'd) for an economical nappy system - additional inserts are available to purchase
For older babies use two  Bamboo Charcoal Nighttime Boosters for extra absorbency.
Use with the Bio-Liners to make change time even easier
Use The Large Wet Bags for dirty nappies while out and about.

Please noteBamboo Charcoal Inserts should be washed 3-4 times before use to ensure maximum absorbency

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